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     Welcome to Tobor Technology, home of the XBOT series of roof and crawl space robots. Representing the latest in technology, the XBOT robots assist you in performing inspections in dangerous or hard-to-access locations from nasty, hazardous crawlspaces to roofs featuring slopes from gentle to extreme. Have an unsafe, or structurally-compromised space that you need eyes into? XBOT is the answer.
Featuring hi-definition videos and still-shots to record your survey, a multitude of sensor options and measurement devices for maximum safety, stability and ascertainment of space parameters, the XBOT series of inspection robots guarantee you the safest, most accurate and dependable platform on the market today.Take a look at some of these brief demonstration videos to see just how versatile and robust the XBOT is and how it can enhance your ability to take jobs that you might not otherwise be able to accept: 
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All Videos

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