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XBOT Xtreme

XBOT Xtreme

For the serious inspector, the XBOT Xtreme is the "big-daddy" of them all. This crawler puts everything else to shame. Fully loaded with just about everything you can imagine to assist you in your job, this unit literally goes where no other has gone before and features recording devices, stability devices, and measurement devices unheard of on any other product on the market - and all for a price far below that of some of the nearest competitors.


Simply put, if you want the best in remote inspection, the XBOT Xtreme is it.


Just look at what you get:


  • Hi-torque drive system, for easy traversal of roof and other sloped surfaces up to 18/12 pitch!

  • Pitch and roll detection via a built-in 3-axis accelerometer gives valuable feedback regarding the surface you are on - displays robot pitch and roll attitudes with user-selectable unit (e.g. degrees, pitch, rise/run)

  • Standard black twill body style

  • 8.9 inch Windows tablet, fully loaded with all required software preconfigured so you don't have to
  • Multiple software "extras" to make tasks like editing/annotating and resizing photos and videos a breeze, along with utilities to aid in analyzing system health; even a photo stitching program for easy construction of super-wide-angle (panoramic) photos
  • Super-resolution (1920x1280), 18x OPTICAL zoom, auto-focus camera for the best remote images in the industry. Whether taking full-motion video or still shots, target damage and defects are easy to spot and recorded in high-definition
  • Additional wide-angle "drive" camera optimized to give you the best driving perspective.
  • Pan and tilt servo-gimbal system allows 270 degree pan rotation (including full-backward view), and "straight-up" mode allowing you to view directly above
  • Never-roll rollover and tip protection - constantly monitors the bot's attitude and takes evasive action such as repositioning cameras or slowing/stopping the unit and requiring an explicit override command from the user to continue in cases where an impending fall off a forward edge or a danger of tipping/flipping is sensed
  • Never-stuck drive system - one of our newest and most innovative features allows you to easily drive off of large pipes or roof ridges should you get straddled across them with all treads or tires suspended
  • Compatible with laser range finder (select this optional add-on when ordering) - Super-high-accuracy laser range finder allows measurement of surfaces and objects up to 130 feet away with millimeter precision.
  • Forward-looking ultra-sonic range module with realtime forward obstacle range display for measuring distances up to 300cm (almost 10 feet)
  • External joystick controller (allows physical joystick control when desired over the on-screen thumb-controller)
  • External Wifi receiver/transmitter for the greatest range
  • High-intensity LED headlight - illuminates the darkest of spaces for easy navigation and fantastic photos
  • External USB hub for connection of devices such as memory sticks, joystick, etc.
  • Long-lasting high-capacity battery with charger
  • Your choice of transport including one of the following:
    • Tread package (for roofs and other high-sloped surfaces)
    • Tire package (for crawl-spaces and other non-sloped/slightly sloped terrains)
    $3,333.00 Regular Price
    $2,833.05Sale Price
    Laser Range Finder
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