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We are a group of inventors, programmers, engineers, industry professionals, and a business manager who believe through the use of technology we can reduce and even eliminate the risks that come with performing inspections.  Roof inspections are perilous in their own right, and one foul step can bring serious harm to the inspector. Crawl spaces are dark, cramped, and can be almost impossible to navigate.  We want to provide inspectors and investigators with a tool to stay out of harm's way entirely.

The XBOT allows you to stay on the ground during roof inspections, thus avoiding the risks.  Utilizing a system of ultrasonic and laser sensors, combined with high definition pan, tilt, zoom cameras the XBOT can perform in depth inspections on basically any residential roof. With our unique tread and propulsion system the Xbot can summit up to a  12/15-Pitch roof with ease while gathering data and relaying it to the operator in real time.

The full pan/zoom/tilt (PZT) capability of the camera system allows detailed viewing and analysis of structures, so minute it rivals a human's ability to discern damage and wear.  During the entire inspection session, the cameras capture stills and video, storing them for later review, analysis, and presentation to the homeowner and/or insurance company.   

The result is a detailed, indisputable record of the structure.  Gone are subjective findings; unintentional damage caused during inspections; and allegations of fraud--your record of the inspection keeps you safe from accusations that you are unscrupulous and intentionally damaged the roof or structure in order to get money from clients or insurance companies.  

The XBOT is your assistant--your "cobot," helping your business to be the best in the business.

Meet The Team

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