XBOT is the inspection robot every inspector wishes for.  XBOT technology provides you with an assistant—a “cobot” to help you get your job done.   No matter what kind of inspection you need to perform, XBOT is the tool you need to get the job done safely and accurately.  While you experience complete safety and comfort, XBOT assists you to create an accurate, detailed, indisputable record of the inspection.

•Interchangeable adaptable mobility options for various applications.  Whether you choose the XPLORER, XPEDITION or XTREME, you can choose between packages: tires, treads, or magnetic belts----or all three!

  • Crawler Package

    • tires for crawlspaces, dens, dark places, pest inspections and many other uses.

  • Roof Package 

    • disposable, replaceable treads on a belt with our high torque motor give you the ability to move around and inspect asphalt roofs up to a 12/15 pitch.  

  • Magnetic Belt Package

    • metal roofs, ducts, metal structures----our Magnetic package gets your inspection done.​

•Easy to operate and control. 

•Included 10” Windows tablet preconfigured with control system software

•Tablet displays detailed telemetry readings and camera controls.


•Dual camera system: provides high-def, detailed imaging while providing both real-time viewing of inspection as well as recording video and still photos via the tablet into specified job folder. 

•Unique Touch & Look feature allows you to simply touch the screen where you want to position the inspection cameras. 

•Precision drive control with two modes of control: virtual, on-screen touch controls and traditional gaming joystick. 


XPLORER with crawler package

Mag Bot.heic

XPEDITION with magnetic belt package