XBOT – Roof Package

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 With amazing maneuverability and the highest quality pictures and videos, perform inspections on roofs up to 15/12 pitch. Edge detection and Autonomous Crossover Assist makes using the XBOT on a roof a breeze.

  • Two cameras for optimum visibility. Drive camera is 120-degree wide-angle lens with digital zoom, low light capability, with pan/tilt movement and takes still photos and records video via the tablet. Drive camera telescopes up to 14” for higher point of view or to see over obstacles.  Inspection camera is 18x OPTICAL zoom, with 1920x1280 resolution (better than 4K), low light capability, pan/tilt movement and takes high-def images. Inspection camera has Touch and Look feature so wherever you touch the screen, the inspection camera automatically focuses on that area. Inspection camera can be used in auto or manual focus.

  • Streams video for live view of inspection on the controller tablet while simultaneously recording the video to Windows tablet for a digital copy of inspection.  

  • Laser measures within 1mm accuracy. Use for measuring distance to a point, shingle thickness, hail impact depth comparison, and to verify dimensions from various roof measuring providers. Laser follows cameras for easy placement and has a range of up to 130’ depending on light conditions.

  • Front edge detection provides a preventative tool for driving off roofs (with user caution).

  • Autonomous Crossover Assist controls speed and braking while traversing hips and peaks. Once XBOT has crossed, full control is restored to the user.

  • Superbright headlight moves with cameras for inspections in total darkness. 

  • Operating range is 1,000+ feet line of sight. Since the XBOT is its own network, video and images are viewed in high-def, not 720p. 

  • Hook & Tow feature for pulling wires, tie off ropes, etc

  • Robot can be driven with virtual joystick on Windows tablet screen or traditional gaming joystick, provided. Use included Windows tablet to control robot, take snapshots and video, operate cameras, turn laser on/off, turn headlights on/off, operate and move cameras, read battery level and connection status, measure distance driven (like a tape measure), see edge detection readout and pitch/roll readings.  Software enables you to create individual job folders for each inspection.  

  • Optional telescoping lift pole places robot onto roof, up to 21’. Lightweight and easy to use, takes only 30 seconds.

  • Easy to maintain. All that is required is to grease axles occasionally.

  • Robot is ready to use right out of the box (may need to charge battery).



Drive system: High torque motors, belt driven

Dimensions: 8”H x 13.5”L x 11.5”W

Weight: 7.5 pounds

Battery: 18650 lithium ion, approximately 50 minute run time, charges in one hour


What does XBOT with Roof Package include?

  • XBOT with drive belts

  • Peel & Stick foam treads designed for driving on asphalt roofs—starter pack of 3 sets

  • 10” Windows tablet with all necessary software to operate robot. User can also use the tablet for personal use and install any desired Window-compatible applications.

  • Accelerometer

  • Edge detection

  • Autonomous crossover assist

  • USB hub

  • Long range wireless card

  • Drive camera

  • Inspection camera

  • Headlight

  • Laser

  • Battery and chargers


Optional Accessories

  • Additional battery 

  • Additional Peel & Stick treads—sold in 5 sets per pack

  • Lift Pole (21’)

  • Crawler adaptable add-on package 

  • Magnetic Belt adaptable add-on package

  • Carbon Fiber look, either white or black

  • Extended warranty