The XPLORER is our rugged base-model XBOT(tm) designed to get you into dark or difficult-to-navigate spaces. Unit features a 5x optical zoom wide-angle camera for applications requiring good navigation, environment visibility and documentation, while not requiring the high-precision video and photography featured by our higher models.



  • Black twill body
  • 10" window tablet with all required software preloaded
  • 5x optical zoom wide-angle camera
  • Tilt camera pod
  • Accelerometer
  • Joystick controller
  • High-intensity headlight
  • Wifi range extender
  • Battery charger
  • USB hub
  • Select one of the following:
    • Tread Package
    • Tire Package


  • Optional Accessories

    • Additional tire or regular tread drive package
    • Magnetic tread package
    • Extra battery
    • Carbon-fiber black body
    • Carbon-fiber white body
    • Custom XBot(tm)  logo color
    • 22' telescoping lift pole
    • Replacement tread foam grips (pkg of 10 each)
    • 3-year extended warranty:
      • Standard warranty covers one(1)-year replacement or repair of XBot(tm) due to manufacturer defects.
      • Standard warranty excludes tablet computer
      • Extended warranty includes a one(1)-time repair or replacement (at the discretion of Tobor Techology) if damaged for any reason during the warranty period.
      • Extended warranty also includes annual system updates and tune-ups at no additional charge. (Shipping not included)